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"I am among those who think that science has great beauty."
― Marie Curie


At CROSSTALK LAB, we strongly believe in empowering women in science, recognizing and addressing their daily challenges and sacrifices. Our platform is a safe place where women can confidently seek support, guidance, collaboration, and various resources to navigate their scientific careers with confidence and resilience.

Your success is our shared mission, and we're here to help you thrive!


Empower Her Grants 

Crosstalk Lab

Explore a wealth of opportunities with our monthly updates on funding, grants, awards, internships, and exclusive benefits tailored for women in science. Elevate your chances of success with our free seminars dedicated to proposal writing skills and optimizing the application process.

Join us on the path to empowerment and excellence in your scientific pursuits.

Empower Her Career

Crosstalk Lab

Join our regular meetings designed to fortify women in their journey of career development. Gain access to invaluable resources and guidance on striking a balance between professional pursuits and personal life responsibilities. Explore supportive resources for seamlessly navigating family planning while advancing your career in the dynamic field of science. 

Celebrating Women in Science

Crosstalk Lab

Embark on a monthly journey with us as we spotlight the remarkable achievements of young women scientists. Engage in featured profiles, insightful interviews, and inspiring success stories that illuminate the exceptional contributions of these rising stars in the world of science.

Crosstalk Lab


At CROSSTALK LAB, we empower women in science through tailored opportunities, skill-enhancing seminars, and unwavering support for work-life balance. Join us in spotlighting rising stars and championing excellence in the dynamic world of science.


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