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Crosstalk Lab

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.”

-Steve Jobs 


At CROSSTALK LAB, we facilitate bridging science to business by evaluating technology/service/output for efficient tech transfer/commercialization and providing robust business plans and innovation assessments. Our platform connects entrepreneurs, investors, companies and industries with technology/service owners, facilitating licensing or partnership opportunities. We bolster corporations' innovation by identifying promising technologies, evaluating patents, fostering competitiveness, and cultivating growth opportunities.

Crosstalk Lab services include product development, science to business assessment, SciTech projects.
Science to business

Product/Service Development 

We guide you in refining and optimizing products or services grounded in scientific advancements. We facilitate the alignment of your innovations with industry needs/trends, ensuring that the resulting products or services meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. 

Science to business

Science to Commercial Assessment

We conduct "commercial analysis", which involves evaluating the market feasibility, potential customers, competitive landscape, and economic viability of implementing an innovative scientific solution/service within a business context. Additionally, we develop strategies to translate scientific innovations into feasible applications, and create comprehensive business plans/pitch deck that outline the competitiveness and commercial potential of these advancements.

Crosstalk Lab

For HealthTech/SciTech Projects

We offer a special comprehensive innovation assessment benefit for projects/startups involving the integration of information technology in healthcare, scientific research, or the pharma industry. We evaluate their validity, novelty, feasibility, and commercial potential and assist in generating novel ideas.

Science to business

Maximizing Corporates Innovation 

We maximize corporate innovation potential by employing advanced methodologies to connect companies/investors to high-potential tech/service owners. We provide customized plans for identifying technologies and services with high commercialization potential that align with corporate goals/business models. We support the creation of strategic partnerships to enhance corporate innovation and growth.

Crosstalk Lab


At CROSSTALK LAB, we believe that science commercialization is crucial for translating innovative research into tangible products and services that benefit society.

Partner with us to amplify the impact of your scientific research.


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