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Crosstalk Lab

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

- Steve Jobs


At CROSSTALK LAB, we provide comprehensive benefits for institutions and corporations. From tailored training to innovation assessment, grant acquisition, and scholarship matching, we maximize innovation potential and provide ESG alignment and reporting solutions.

Embrace a future where your institution thrives in innovation 

and contributes to global sustainability goals!

Crosstalk Lab

Group Training & Mentoring 

We offer customized group training/workshops for students and researchers, along with personalized one-to-one mentoring sessions covering topics like: Biostatistical Methods, Project Development and Ideation Strategies, Best Practices in Scientific Methodologies and Data Interpretation, Best Practices in Effective Scientific Writing, Best Practices in Successful Grant Acquisition, Basics of Launching Science-Based Business and more.

Crosstalk Lab

Research Impact and Innovation Assessment

We analyze the impact and innovation potential of research outputs and assess the feasibility of tech transfer/commercialization of research outcomes to practical applications. We identify gaps in innovation and propose strategic solutions to bridge these gaps, such as integrating IP strategies that align with the institute's business model and other strategies, ensuring maximum impact and profits.

Crosstalk Lab

Grant Acquisition Services

Our Grant Acquisition Service employs a strategic approach, identifying diverse funding opportunities tailored to the institution's or corporate's business model and research goals. We specialize in crafting customized and compelling grant proposals, optimizing budgets, managing timelines, and fostering collaborations for enhanced competitiveness.

Crosstalk Lab

Maximizing Corporates Innovation 

We maximize corporate innovation potential by employing advanced methodologies to connect companies/investors to high-potential tech/service owners. We provide customized plans for identifying technologies and services with high commercialization potential that align with corporate goals/business models. We support the creation of strategic partnerships to enhance corporate innovation and growth.

Crosstalk Lab

Global Opportunity/Scholarship Matching Service

The "Global Opportunity Matching Service for Institutions" is dedicated to governments, universities, research centers, and corporations offering scholarships for candidates seeking opportunities abroad. We present customized plans, strategically aligning potential academic or research positions with the institution's strategy and specific preferences.

Crosstalk Lab

ESG Alignment and Reporting Solutions  Coming soon!

We comprehensively assess Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, aligning them with United Nations sustainability standards. We craft customized strategies for incorporating and enhancing ESG practices based on the assessment findings, promoting sustainability goals. We design a comprehensive reporting framework for ESG and sustainability and offer support to prepare comprehensive reports highlighting the institution's sustainability achievements, goals, and adherence to ESG principles.

Crosstalk Lab


At CROSSTALK LAB, we empower institutions and corporations with personalized scientific training, research innovation assessment, grant acquisition, scholarship matching, and ESG Alignment solutions—maximizing your potential for positive impact.


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