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Crosstalk Lab

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin


At CROSSTALK LAB, our 'Global  Opportunity/Scholarship Discovery Advisor' tailors plans for students and researchers, guiding them to top international academic and research positions/opportunities and enhancing competitiveness. Meanwhile, our 'Global  Opportunity/Scholarship Discovery Matching Service' empowers institutions by delivering customized plans that align global opportunities with their specific scholarship preferences, fostering innovation and growth.

Crosstalk Lab

Global Opportunity/Scholarship Discovery Advisor - For Individuals

Our service, "Global Opportunity/Scholarship Discovery Advisor," guides high school, undergraduate,  graduate students and researchers in finding tailored scholarships and opportunities for academic or research positions, training, or internships abroad, including Bachelor degrees, Master's, Ph.D., Post-doc, research associates, interns, visiting researcher roles, and more. Using a personalized plan, we identify positions aligned with individual preferences such as specializations, goals, budgets, timelines and locations. Additionally, we offer support throughout the application process, aiding in communication, proposal development and writing, motivation and cover letters preparation, interviews, and enhancing candidates' competitiveness to secure excellent opportunities.

Crosstalk Lab

Global Opportunity/Scholarship Discovery Matching - For Institutions

The "Global Scholarships and Opportunities Matching Benefit for Institutions" is dedicated to governments, universities, research centers, and corporations offering scholarships for candidates seeking opportunities abroad. We offer customized plans, strategically aligning potential academic or research positions with the institution's strategy and specific preferences. This includes considerations such as specializations, budgets, locations, timelines, and other criteria. Our benefit streamlines the process for institutions, ensuring they discover opportunities abroad that precisely match their requirements for their candidates. By providing a tailored roadmap, we facilitate efficient decision-making, time-saving, and securing impactful opportunities.

Crosstalk Lab


At CROSSTALK LAB, we assist both students and institutions in identifying and accessing valuable opportunities and scholarships, facilitating their journey towards academic and professional success.


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